Awhile ago I stumbled across a blog that gave advice for becoming more patient in 24 hours. Among the suggestions were things like getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night and staying hydrated.

The blog inspired me to change a few habits. I’m making sure I get three full meals a day (that can be a chore with a baby around!) I’ve also been drinking more water. And I have felt better. But I have not become more patient.

One day in class, my intro to philosophy professor, Dr. Talbot made the observation that we often make comments like, “I’m sorry, I’m not myself, I’m really tired.” And he suggested that the opposite might be closer to the truth: When we’re tired and worn down we’re too exhausted to hide the selfish inclinations of our hearts and our true, sinful self comes through. We’re not so good as we’d like to believe.

Eating and sleeping well does not make me more patient. But it does help me fight my selfish, impatient tendencies more successfully. Thankfully God can do what I cannot do: he actually produces more patience in me.



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