For a long time I really thought it was a bit silly and redundant to talk about God being good. Of course he’s good!

But then I began thinking how often I don’t treat him as though I truly trust that he is good.

I want to make sure life happens a certain way. I want my baby girl to live and have a full life in every way. Of course that’s good. I should want that. But I also know that God does not grant every child a full life. And so there is a tension: I want something good and there is a good God in control, but he might not give me the good thing I want.

It’s in these moments that I’m tempted to treat him as though he is not good. I do not take care of her and then rest in his goodness. I do my work and then anxiously think about how I might possibly make sure that no matter what she is safe. And ultimately it is not something I can control.

Oh God, teach me to say,

“You are good and do good.” ~ Psalm 119:68


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