I began to notice a few days ago that I had become a bit tired (possibly from midnight feedings?) and that thoughts about how to occupy a toddler and soothe a baby had crowded out my longing for God. So I came back to a quote that I love, that always makes my heart long for life and fullness and peace. It’s the way things are supposed to be. It’s the way things will finally be when God makes all things right in the end.

[The authors of the Bible] dreamed of a new age in which human crookedness would be straightened out, rough places made plain. The foolish would be made wise, and the wise, humble. They dreamed of a time when the deserts would flower, the mountains would run with wine, weeping would cease, and people could go to sleep without weapons on their laps. People would work in peace and work to fruitful effect. Lambs could lie down with lions. All nature would be fruitful, benign, and filled with wonder upon wonder; all humans would be knit together in brotherhood and sisterhood; an all nature and all humans would look to God, walk with God, lean toward God, and delight in God. Shouts of joy and recognition would well up from valleys and seas, from women in streets and from men on ships.

Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

And as I look in my toddler’s eyes I wonder how to tell her. How to make her little heart long for God. How to help her not settle for the satisfaction that comes when you successfully take a toy away from your baby sister.

Right now what I say goes something like this: “God will make everything work just like it’s supposed to some day. It will be hugs from mom and tickles from dad and giving lots of kisses to your baby sister.”

It falls so short but hopefully it will prepare her for the day she hears the full story.

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