If you are a mother of little ones I whole heartedly recommend you read Rachel Jankovic’s book¬†Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches.

Reason #4: Because she gives you hope. Hope that the current disaster will be over in 20 minutes and hope that all your discipline is paying off and hope that you are becoming more like Christ in the process if you are willing to continually repent and ask for grace.

It is very easy for us to forget about the progress they make and to ignore the problems that they no longer wrestle with. If you have been faithfully disciplining your children, I guarantee you that there are many, many problems that they no longer struggle with. Remember the era when they couldn’t resis coloring on the walls? Or the times when so-and-so used to refuse to say “Amen”? Or back when going to bed was such a struggle?

As a parent it is very easy to demean their progress by demeaning the struggle. Instead of praising them and pointing to their progress to encourage them, we ignore it. […] Sometimes this is because the struggle just seemed so dumb in the first place […] So when they quit doing it, we don’t recognized they’ve gained the victory over a very real struggle with temptation. Oftentimes we don’t even notice that they aren’t doing it, because something else has replaced it, and we are now too busy nagging them about facing forward in the car.

Try to notice these little mile markers on the path of sanctification. If te sins have changed, it can be a sign of growth.

~ from Loving the Little Years, page 22


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