I haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t even have five tweets from the week to post this Friday. I didn’t last Friday either. Here’s my excuse: my five month old wakes up just about every hour at night and I don’t have a thought worth blogging or tweeting about.

My prayers are simple these days. My reading is slow. My thoughts are even slower.

But while I haven’t been able to think I’ve been learning something new. And maybe it’s not important, but it helps me relieve a lot of stress and I hope some day to teach it to my daughters and I pray that God will use my new skill-in-process.

I’ve been learning how to draw. I know. Who has time to draw when you don’t have time to sleep and you can’t think. But I’ve been starting to learn anyways.

Here’s the book: Drawing With Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too

The claim is that everyone can draw, we’re just not taught how to draw. The picture on the cover was done by a five year old.

So here are my first attempts. Hopefully I’ll improve.

Have a happy weekend. Try something new!


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