The squirrels are raiding Miriams acorn collection on the back deck and the leaves crunch under our feet now. It’s fall. All summer I wait for the crisp air that fall brings. I look forward to butternut squash and sweatshirts. Now that it’s here I happily bundle up my little sweethearts and head outside for another explore by the creek or to trample through the leaves.

Fall is beautiful. But it’s not beautiful the same way spring is beautiful. Spring is full of anticipation. Fall is harvest time.

Autumn also brings news of winter. Winter will have it’s own beauty, though it’s mostly just cold during wintertime. Some days it’s a little too cold now. Especially when it rains. I look back at the summer and part of me wants one more day in the hot sun, even though I know it felt too hot during the summer.

While we looked at the crabapple trees the other day, I thought about the age old analogy of seasons of the year and seasons of life. It’s summer now for me. Some days are so hot I don’t want to go outside. I know that when autumn comes there will be relief from the relentless heat of this season. It’s easy to long for that. But I know too that fall will be a little too cold, that I will long for one more day with my toddlers running around the living room floor.

The autumn of life will be harvest time. Of course, only God makes the crops grow. But how neat that he lets us have the honor of planting and watering the seeds. What do I plant? What do I water? What do I tend? How do I spend my summer?


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  1. Melissa says:

    I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking about the autumn of life this weekend! I just saw Nancy Wilson’s post encouraging us to spend our springs and summers in light of harvest time:

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