It’s 5:03 at night and I feel like a a sprinter running the last lap of a 1600 meter run. Depleted. And there’s 400 meters left to go.

I’d love to sit down and have another quiet time right now. I’d love silence and solitude. I’d love to sit and think in peace.

Of course, that’s impossible. I have two little girls.

I also know what would bless my husband right now. There is a load of laundry in the dryer and he would like for me to fold the clothes so that he doesn’t have to wear wrinkled shirts all week.

We have heard about Martha and how she was too distracted with dinner preparations to listen to Jesus (Luke 10:38-42). Am I like Martha as I slide Eric’s shirts on the hangers? Is the Proverbs 31 woman like Martha? She plants vineyards and sells her textiles. Does she neglect God?

The physical and the spiritual are intertwined tighter than I sometimes believe.

The Proverbs tell us that the more we know God, the more it changes everything. It is less a book about how to have a quiet time than it is about how that time with God alters life. We call it living wisely.

That’s the way this book teaches me about biblical womanhood too. We see the end result. We see how prayer and meditation on God’s word affect the details of a woman’s days.

As Lydia Brownback, author of A Woman’s Wisdom, writes,

The woman here is an illustration of what happens when life is lived out as God intended and as it’s revealed throughout the entire book of Proverbs.

Everything about the poem displays that this woman knows God and his word.

The verses that describe this godly woman were written as an acrostic poem, where the first line starts with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the second line with the next all the way through the end of the alphabet. Bruce Waltke explains in his commentary that this shows completeness. It’s like saying: “This woman is everything from A to Z!” The poem never mentions her praying but it doesn’t mean she lives on her own strength. No, this is a wise woman.

If we look carefully we see her spiritual vibrancy more clearly. The summary statement that she fears the Lord, the description of her faithful instruction, and her trustworthiness to her husband all point her relationship with God as the foundation for everything the poem describes.

And how beautiful to see, not just a woman in the peaceful moments of the morning enjoying sweet fellowship with God, but to see a woman in the intense heat of the day and know that the gospel changes those moments too.

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