Christmas Joy. Full of God’s¬†ridiculously¬†generous giving. So we give. Generously. Freely. To those who could never pay us back. We give like God because, as Christians, we are becoming like him.

At Gospel for Asia we give chickens, and goats, and rabbits, and sewing machines. The gifts come with the gospel. Through the gifts, the recipients see a little reflection of the God they are told about.

At International Justice Mission we give freedom to children who were kidnapped and are in forced slavery or prostitution. The ministry works with local governments to see that justice is done for the poor and helpless. He came to set the captives free. He does it through his Church.

There are many other great places to give. These are just a few of our favorites. Both organizations mentioned above are part of the ECFA (Evangelical Counsel of Financial Accountability) ensuring that all funds are handled responsibly.


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