This morning I went to a group for mom’s at our church. They have childcare. It’s wonderful. Except that my girls really struggle with the nursery. And by that I mean they never both make it. So today I didn’t even try with one of them.

Instead I just wrestled her, half listened, and attempted to contribute a bit to our group discussion. And when I left I was exhausted. And frustrated. And wondered when I’ll be “Melissa” again.

I have introvert longings: Peace and quiet. The ability to sit and thing about something for a long time. Uninterrupted. To take things in and meditate on them. To contribute ideas that I’ve thought through.

But the thing is this: when God gave me two lovely ladies who melt down like ice cream cones in the nursery, he knew what he was doing and he knew who he was doing it to. He designed these circumstances for my good.

He is making me more like Jesus. He’s making me more fully “Melissa,” not less, when he asks me to set aside the peace and quiet that I love to serve my daughters.

I’m sure the story’s not too different for extraverts. Mommy-hood has plenty of challenges for all of us.

But none of us will never be our old selves again. We are being remade into people who love and serve and set aside our own interests for the sake of others. We are beginning to reflect our Savior.


One Response to Mommy Puzzles: Who am I any more?

  1. Mel says:

    Oh how wonderful the words that you spoke! God knew i needed to hear these. I have two little ones myself and LONG for those uninterupted thoughts and moments too. I was so convicted by how the Lord revealed truth to you. I too, along with all other mothers, am being made new. There is no more old “mel” but a new mel and with that comes a daily dying to self and then clothing myself with Jesus. Thank you thank you!

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