IMG_4359I’ve been stumped trying to explain Easter to my daughter. We’ve read the story in her little Bible story book but I can tell it’s not connecting. She (thankfully) has no concept of death, so how do I tell her about what happened?

Yesterday we were standing in the kitchen together and I began, “Miriam, if there was a bug here and I stepped on it, would it walk again?”

“No!” She smiled. Bugs are icky.

“That’s what happened to Jesus. People were very naughty and stepped on him.,” I paused and watched her face. It was sinking in. Then I smiled big, “But three days later–can you show me three fingers?–he walked again, he’s alive!”

She lit up. We repeated the story. She understood a little bit.

How about you, how have you explained Good Friday and Easter to your young children?


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