After the second coldest spring on record, I opened the back door and headed out for a picnic with my oldest daughter. While she opened her peanut butter sandwich and licked off the jelly, we talked about what we would plant in the garden this year: peas, tomatoes, and kale.

Right now summer feels full of promise. The mosquitoes don’t yet swarm above the swampy places and our routine hasn’t been upset by the change of schedule following the school year.

But I know that soon it will just feel hot. Soon the days full of freedom and chaos will be upon us.They will bring unique challenges for treasuring the gospel. And while it’s easy enough to turn on the sprinkler and deal with the heat, summer will be suffocating if we aren’t refreshed by Jesus.

During the months ahead, how do we ensure the gospel remains our treasure? Here are three suggestions … Click here to finish reading at WOG Magazine!

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