IMG_5318As soon as our guest said goodbye I sat on the couch exhausted. For an hour I couldn’t move. I surveyed what I could of the kitchen and living room as my children chased one another around the house. I would have stayed there longer but our next house guest was scheduled to arrive in a couple of hours. I drank another cup of coffee, put on a Baby Einstein video for my daughters, took toys off the furniture, put sheets on the inflatable mattress, and set out fresh towels. I was finishing up the kitchen when she arrived.

I’m often surprised when I look at our calendar and see how often we have guests into our home because, well, I wouldn’t be quick to say that hospitality is my gift; it certainly doesn’t come natural to me. But I’m learning a few things about opening my home for the sake of the Gospel whether or not it comes easily.

Today I’m writing at WOG Magazine. Click here to read the rest!


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