IMG_5586Our cherry tomato plants are the highlight of our garden for the little people in our home. It’s a wonder that any of them make it inside. This morning we went out and Miriam harvested them. “Right here, Mom. I’m picking ‘matoes. I got a wot of them. I’m still picking some. I show you, just a minute…”


I finished knitting Miriam’s sweater in time for fall and I made her try it on outside, in August, as soon as the last button was on. The gerber daisy she’s holding is one that she and Annette picked earlier in the day from the planter outside our front door.

And so no one felt left out when her sister got a new sweater, I tried a second sewing project. Well, actually this is my third, but the second one never worked out, so this is my second completed sewing project.


And it’s reversible! How fun is that?IMG_5602

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One Response to Bits of Cheerfulness

  1. Nancy says:

    I am sufficiently cheered! Too sweet and two sweet girls!

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