IMG_2891_0341Every few months, during Eric’s time in seminary, I met with Gini Hoehner, the wife of Dr. Harold Hoehner. We discussed books I was reading as part of a self study program for seminary wives. The February before my husband graduated Dr. Hoehner suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Though he had retired shortly before, the entire campus felt the weight of his absence. Later that spring there was a tea for the wives of graduating students, and each wife who had completed the self study program was given encouragement by the older woman she had met with. Gini came on campus that day, but instead of speaking at the tea she handed me an index card with her encouragement on it. It reads:

A Cautionary Tale
During the years when our children were growing up there were many times when the hours in the day seemed inadequate to accomplish all I PERCEIVED to be necessary. I am so very grateful that my husband, every so often, gently reminded me that after our kids were grown we would have only each other and that we must make choices which would allow us to cultivate our own relationship. I praise God that my husband CARED! The result was that, when the inevitable occurred — the kids gone — our love for each other didn’t need to be rekindled. For this I will be forever grateful!


I’m so glad I have her encouragement written out. It is precious to me.

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